The StoreSave 3P-68.04  is 3 x StoreSave 22.68 systems.

One system is installed on each phase of a 3 phase supply.


The price is discounted from purchasing 3 individual StoreSave 22.68 systems saving you £1,096.25


The system stores electricity during off peak rate / Economy 7 (night) rates and then delivers that electricity during peak times (day/night).  In addition it comes with our heat saving device which will reduce your heating bills (Oil, Gas, LPG) by up to 30% (average 16%).


Suitable for:


26,500+ kWh's of electricity per year,  approximatly £3,500 electricity bill per year.


Any Wet (water filled raidiator) Heating System heated with Oil, Gas or LPG, it also works with an airsource heat pump but savings are lower, however running your ASHP on our batteries will provide the lowest cost of heating available in the UK 



You will require a energy supplier that offers a competitive Economy 7 Rate and meter or an Off Peak Rate with a smart meter.  We can advise on the best rates, just ask.


Included in the box:

68.04 kWh (Useable) Energy Storage System, 3 Inverters + 9 Battery's + 3 Batterys with Master box(BMS) + Heat Saving Device


Discharge/Charge KW Rating:

6kW per phase (18kW)


UPS Hours:

3.78 hrs @ 18kW


Remote monitoring via App.

Yes, Optional WiFi downloadable app or website


System Size:

3 x Inverter - (460w x 477h x 181.5d, weight 26.85kg)

3 x Batterys with Master Box (BMS) (464w x 193d x 693h, 73.2kg)

9 x Battery's (464w x 193d x 588h, 67.5kg) 

Heat Saving Device - small space (wall socket size) on wall or near thermostat or boiler.


Inverter location?

on a wall near as possible to the distribution board, 300mm space around it.


Battery Location?

Inside as close to inverter as possible. The battery(s) ideally would sit on the floor side by side normally under the inverter. They can be wall mounted but consideration of the battery weight must be taken into account.

If you do not have enough space in your property, then it can be installed in a water proof box on an outside wall please contact us for details.



Optional Extras


Installation Options

A. Professional Home Installation by StoreSave 

A Professional Installation of the StoreSave 34.02 in your property with up to 10m of cabling (distance from distribution board to inverter and battery location - £690.00+ VAT (added to checkout on selection) 

B. No additional charge if you choose to "Find your own qualified electrician"


WIFI £90 additional charge (3 x Wifi Module @ £30 each)


Installation Extras:

The distance from your distribution board to the inverter and battery location.

So there are no surprises we have listed below extras such as additional meters of cable over 10m (10m included) that might occur, please check with us before purchasing if you are unsure.


Additional Trunked Cabling per meter £11.50
Additional  Chased/Concealed Cabling  per meter £74.75
3phase Consumer Unit £563.50
4 Way Distribution board  £782.00
8 Way Distribution board £943.00
12 Way Distribution board £1,265.00


Add Installation Extras

Add the system to the cart first then - CLICK HERE - Opens in a New Window, add items then close window, then check out.


If you have any questions please email or call 0843 289 8919

StoreSave 3P-68.04 (for 26,500 kWh + per year usage)

Installation Required?
WiFi Module

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