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StoreSave The Money Saving Energy System

The Money Saving Energy System


Why spend time looking on comparison websites

 for energy switching, saving a penny here and

there, when you can immediately halve your

rate of electricity when you install




Save money with smart electricity purchasing


Protect your home or business from power cuts


Save even more money with our included Heat Saving Device


Reduce your boiler running time, whilst staying warm


Suitable for Home Owners, Tenants, Farms,

Business, Landlords, Builders and Developers

from 1,800kWh (studio apartment) up to

mWh (commercial premises) annual consumption

Energy Storage System (ESS)

+ Heat Saving Device

Model Shown: StoreSave 5.2

The StoreSave systems are a combination of two products ,installed in your property. The first is our state of the art LiFeP04 Energy Storage System (ESS) and the second is the new heat saving system, that is installed between your boiler and thermostat.

StoreSave Electricity Savings

The energy storage system charges batteries during the night when its cheaper, then delivers that electricity stored into your home as you require it, thus not requiring expensive electricity during peak times at higher rates.  In addition it acts as a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system protecting your home from electricity cuts.  The system can also be charged  from existing or planned solar PV systems.

The system works for home and business users.

Electric Bill Savings:    If you pay 14 pence for your electricity and you switch to a E7 / Off peak tariff of 7p then the savings are half.

StoreSave Heating Savings

The heat saving device fits between the boiler and thermostat, it reduces the amount of the boiler on time, whilst maintaining temperatures that you require, its fully adjustable to ensure your comfort.  Works on any wet system (radiators) that are fuelled by Oil, Gas and LPG.  

Heating Bill Savings:     up to 30%

Total StoreSave System Savings

If you purchase via a loan (not supplied)  the annual savings are greater than the finance repayments making this system cash positive from year 1,  but your total savings over 20 years will be greater when purchasing outright, due to the additional cost of finance.

The Benefits...

  • 50% +/- electrical savings for your home or business

  • Optional Switch offer from our energy partners to ensure you get the best E7 / Off peak rate.

  • The system will also act as a UPS protecting all your home from electricity cuts.

  • You can add Solar PV or a Wind Turbine, to further increase your savings but neither are required.

  • Phone/PC online monitoring with instant remote technical support for peace of mind ownership.

  • Savings are not dependant on any form of government schemes unlike solar or wind electrical generation.

Suitable for EVERYONE...

  • All types of UK homes and businesses.

  • Suitable for homeowners and tenants, the system can move with you, it only requires a couple of hours of electricians time to connect/disconnect.

  • Landlords and housing associations wishing to reduce costs for tenants, additional rent revenue or metered billing available to recoup costs and more.

Renewable's Ready...

If you own a solar PV system or Wind turbine, our system will store what you would normally export to the gird and save that energy for later use, whilst you still receive the deemed export payment of 50% of your systems electrical generation.  



We offer a professional installation service, which you can book online after purchasing your system.  Alternatively you can purchase our system and have it installed by your own preferred qualified electrician.

We can also offer a outside version of the battery's, however these are made to measure orders, so please contact us.

How to buy...

If you understand the product and how it saves you money then you can go direct to our online store (you will need to know your annual kWh consumption.)

If you are unsure then please use the Live Help or request a FREE savings report to assist you in making an informed decision. 

Buy Online

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